Nov 22, 2010

Really late j-popcon entry!

Two weekends ago there was J-popcon!
Everyone was so happy and hype ! XD
Every year J-popcon just make my day. Because of the massive group of cosplayers is so fun!
This years J-popcon was really awesome ! I met so many friend I haven't seen for so long.
I only joined Saturday... But I enjoyed it to the fully! :D First I met up with LineEmma, Sofie, Andreas, Kenny. And then I met another funny girl called Samra :D First new friend woohoo!
I went to see the cosplay show since my dear Lina was up as Bulbasaur. Their act was super funny! XD I laughed so much <3 I went alone to the Cosplay hall which was abit scary.. Since I had no idea where I was. Before entering the guard said there wasn't any seat left and that we had to sit on the floor. I did, np about that. But when I turned back I saw Ari! Been such a long time since I saw her. As always she seems to likes me (im glad XD) And beside her was Line M that I never met before irl. But only readed her blog and saw her on facebook. As I tho! Shes super nice irl too :D And just loved her cosplay so much <3
Talked with them for a short time and then I met up with my classmate Meriam, who was there too. (Was a bit of a problem to find her in the middle of hundred of people..)
She was together with her friend that I got to know. Called Laura She was funny :) And letted me hold her Tsubasa dolls while watching the show. I saw lots of people I knew on stage. Lots of them I know but never said hi to even. When the show was at pause I met Tung, thats friend of Heki and all the other guys in Sweden. He was surprised much friendlier... I thought he disliked me or something over facebook.. But ye! Was nice :D
Then I met with Lina and ran around with her. I also met Mawj on the way XD I had a really bad headache then..

When the show was fully finished I met up with Rebecca as promised the day before. We went to Karaoke! Is sad I didnt went there earlier >___< In the Karaoke I met Søs and Isabella ! Which I havent seen since last year! I met Lina's friend called Celia. She was super one piece fan. Thats just AWESOME XD And I also met Johan! Cosplayed with white lense ._. ! Sadly I had to go home really early because my mom was pissed..
So yea. I didnt get to sing the song I wanted.. And I had to go..
I met so many lovely people <3 I cant wait till next years j-popcon! I so plan to cosplay next year to join the fun once again! 8D

Lovu <3

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