Nov 22, 2010

Really late j-popcon entry!

Two weekends ago there was J-popcon!
Everyone was so happy and hype ! XD
Every year J-popcon just make my day. Because of the massive group of cosplayers is so fun!
This years J-popcon was really awesome ! I met so many friend I haven't seen for so long.
I only joined Saturday... But I enjoyed it to the fully! :D First I met up with LineEmma, Sofie, Andreas, Kenny. And then I met another funny girl called Samra :D First new friend woohoo!
I went to see the cosplay show since my dear Lina was up as Bulbasaur. Their act was super funny! XD I laughed so much <3 I went alone to the Cosplay hall which was abit scary.. Since I had no idea where I was. Before entering the guard said there wasn't any seat left and that we had to sit on the floor. I did, np about that. But when I turned back I saw Ari! Been such a long time since I saw her. As always she seems to likes me (im glad XD) And beside her was Line M that I never met before irl. But only readed her blog and saw her on facebook. As I tho! Shes super nice irl too :D And just loved her cosplay so much <3
Talked with them for a short time and then I met up with my classmate Meriam, who was there too. (Was a bit of a problem to find her in the middle of hundred of people..)
She was together with her friend that I got to know. Called Laura She was funny :) And letted me hold her Tsubasa dolls while watching the show. I saw lots of people I knew on stage. Lots of them I know but never said hi to even. When the show was at pause I met Tung, thats friend of Heki and all the other guys in Sweden. He was surprised much friendlier... I thought he disliked me or something over facebook.. But ye! Was nice :D
Then I met with Lina and ran around with her. I also met Mawj on the way XD I had a really bad headache then..

When the show was fully finished I met up with Rebecca as promised the day before. We went to Karaoke! Is sad I didnt went there earlier >___< In the Karaoke I met Søs and Isabella ! Which I havent seen since last year! I met Lina's friend called Celia. She was super one piece fan. Thats just AWESOME XD And I also met Johan! Cosplayed with white lense ._. ! Sadly I had to go home really early because my mom was pissed..
So yea. I didnt get to sing the song I wanted.. And I had to go..
I met so many lovely people <3 I cant wait till next years j-popcon! I so plan to cosplay next year to join the fun once again! 8D

Lovu <3

Nov 11, 2010

Noisy and messy inside

Wah wahhh... Lately theres so much school work. I dont know which should be done first and what should be after XD Everything so messed... So confusing... I dont feel like doing any of them! I wonder if im really really dumb.. What to do in the future...? Srly im so tired of school... Is really not my thing to sit on the chair listening to the teacher. I'll so much rather do something els.. Like... Work, go out moving more and be around more mature people.. Im so sick of the noise and mess in the classroom. I sleep in class alot this year, is really bad. I'll probably fail alot in the exam etc. Started copy others homework too. If i fail this year i'll probably go start another place with something that intrest me. Like designing or art.. Find something that i can go further into and find my talent. I want to try alot! LOTS! Liek cley, paint, sketch, design, portrait etc etc! What is it that im best in? :D And then i can go on with it!
I really lost intrest in school. Everyday going to school just feel kind of painful -_- Or maybe is just the winter that effects me.
It would be SO much funnier and nicer if we were in a MMORPG game without school. Just learn skills to protect youself. Tada! I dont mind having a dangerous but fun and exciting life, even if its short!

So tired.. guess im going to sleep. Promise next post will have more more pictures! D: This one.. Lazy...
Nights <3

Nov 2, 2010

S4 league and big surprise...

Yesterday i played S4 with the others after a long long pause away from it. It was super fun XD Been such a long time since i laughed so much! I couldnt stop laughing!
I was batting after Kinshan but missed like 10 times or something... Then when i finally hitted him i hitted into my own goal... XD Was so fail!
I noticed.. If i fail like in school i would be super emberassed, but with the gang there i kind of laughed only. And found it funny. Probably because i found it comfortable with them and close to them :> Love them all reallyy much! <3 The best group of friends i ever had.

Then later i got this big surprise from Ivy and Jerry. I was really curious what it was. One of my guess was "Getting engaged la? *-*" Since it was secret.. But i never guessed it would be yea.. XD They told me that they never been together to start with. Jerry and Ivy was behind the trick. But Hin also... waow.. Indeed a big surprise.. Im really that easy to trick..   I didnt know how to react at all.. To be sad, mad or should i laught leh..? I got really dissapointed even thought is nothing big.. Ivy i didnt know that much from the start so it was fine leh. Jerry known for a long time lo.. And Hin ofc. I kind of belived/trusted them 100%... When they said they were together i didnt have a slice 0.1% thinking that it would be a lie. So i got really sad.. Not like im angry or anything. But yea.. I really cared for them as a couple :D Its sad it was a lie. Thought they would be cute together.

Tho Hin been with me all night till i calmed down. So im fino dino again :D
Ye queen of fake offline 8D

That was for yesterday.. Today.. Sitting here in the computer room looking at the leaf falling so fast... I wonder how many leafs a tree have.. They can fall and fall but still have lots of leafs on it.. Is beautiful neh :D Yellow/goldish leaf falling from the skyyy~


Oct 29, 2010

4 months day

Yesterday i've been together with Hin for 4 months la. These 4 months have passed pretty fast. Everyday have been nice <3
Even tho its 4 months day we didnt really do anything special. Two days ago Hin told me, that everyone disliked that he dont have time for his friends. Well.. As earlier post/blog said, i already awaited that will happen... So now is the time i gotta back out a bit xD
*Dam im hungry... so late..* cute animated japanese kitten grey 13 Cute Japanese Kittens Emoticons (Grey)
So two days ago i said "Go with them. I'll let you be today" And so i found anime and gamed myself, but he came back to me later after all... It made me happy, but im really worried that the others will get angry..
Yesterday was 4 months day. He rejected going to halloween party. He rejected like 3 friends oh... The first thing i thought hearing that, was "Is it because its 4 months day...?". I felt kind of being the reason for he isnt going out. So i told him to go. And he listened to me... So i was the reason after all.. XD
But yea. I thought it was okay that he went out for halloween, since all his friend was going. If i was there i would definitely go too! Because im not there i can only send Hin out  cute animated japanese kitten grey 2 Cute Japanese Kittens Emoticons (Grey)
I started blogging then, and make new design. Feels okay. Not really lonely.
I just heard Hin over the phone. In the background i could hear Tinge and Kinshan laughing, and having fun. So i guess they arent angry. That's good la~

Even thought i dont regret telling him to go, i still think "hm... is a bit sad...". Guess thats impossible to hide from. That being alone in a special day..
Oh well! Is just 4 months day. Isnt 4 months + 1 day even better? Since its longer? And we will definitely be together for long long long more time! cute animated japanese kitten grey 5 Cute Japanese Kittens Emoticons (Grey)Heeeeh =w=

Since is so late i should go sleep after smsing Hin lo! :o Happy 4 months day! <3 <3 I love you!

Oct 26, 2010

Gaming Steps again ~

Lately started playing Steps again! Yea the dancing game that i used to play. Its cute ah <3
But the funny part is that Hin also joined me o...

Didnt think about it in the start, but now its kind of cute neh? :D
Since this dancing game is super pinkish and girly all over he still join me wo. He listened to me and played with me, even tho he know that i always change game in no time XD
Today he played with me since i came back from school! He even played when i was afk! Thats surprising ah ... But it was really fun and i enjoyed it <3 Couldnt stop laughting in some point.
The game have a extreme over cuteness dovley system.. Which is perfect la >u<

Me and Hin <3

Besides from that.... Whats new... well holiday ended... School started... I get stressed, freezing mornings, not enorgh sleep, not as much chit chat, no free time, have to listen to the noisy class all day, homework, money ... Ahh... Yea. Lets just focus on the good part!
8 WEEKS LEFT TILL I CAN SEE HIM AGAIN LA! (Actually 8 week -2 days)

Oct 20, 2010

2:30 am in the middle of holiday

Something is missing everyday
When will the day come where you will be there 
Do I have to wait long

I'm missing you so much that I feel empty
Can winter come as fast as my smile appear
when you there

When winter comes we'll once again be bond
You will be the greatest present I ever gotten

I'm waiting
I'm missing
I'm wanting
I'm loving
I'm filled with happiness your giving me

♥ ♥ 

Love.jpg Love image by grace_9x_2007

Oct 12, 2010

AT week

Im having AT week here in school right now. Actually a project week.. Writing about Israel. So boring topic :/ Sitting here in school working. Printed hella 11 pages out filled with text! And readed almost all of it and highlighted 30% of it all! I just want to finish working on my own as fast as possible so i can get home earlier.. I think that will be possible now 8D Imma go home and work on the rest. Normally im always the slacking one.. But it seems like all the others been slacking more than me... Coming into the computer room and all of my group member is on facebook.. Since i been working all day im having a little pause right now while lending my facts to another group member. Went on Facebook. And saw sooo many of the classmates online XD Lol. No one doing much ehhh!
Is weird.. I feel hardworking 8D And enjoying it even!
cute white kitten head emoticon 110 Cute White Kitten Emoticon -> cute white kitten head emoticon 181 Cute White Kitten Emoticon

Since Hin also is busy this week i wont be seeing him till later today... So probably should go home and work some more before i start slacking...
Theres still around 10 weeks till i can meet Hin again... Uhh still feels so long... Thinking silly again..
Since i couldnt meet him twice. He better reward me with a super christmas then! (He = the lighting thing up in the heaven..)
totally naughty panda emoticon 19 Naughty Panda Emoticons (2)
Im looking for a job ahh! Maybe if i got a job the time will fly faster :D And i need money. I planned to ask the salon nearby. Now that i tried cafe. Lets try salon! I want to try out as much as possible woo!